Who We Are


Since 1960, the Woods have provided quality, affordable housing in Greensboro, N.C.

Helen Wood was the first women Realtor in Greensboro to open her own business. Jerry Wood was a building inspector and later, a contractor. Their part-time business venture grew and evolved into a full-time venture. Their daughters Kate, Joyce and Virginia joined the firm in 1998.

“I’ve lived in upwards of 8-10 apartments/houses throughout college and after and y’all have by far been the best.”
-John W.
“You all have made my time in Greensboro so memorable, and I can’t thank you enough for giving me a home away from home!”
-Chantelle L.
“Great locations, attentive and helpful landlords, and the place is perfect for my roommate and me.”
-Erin H.
“I have been renting from Wood Properties for 3+ years now (2 different properties). The neighborhood is quiet and family friendly. I love being able to sit in my back yard and read during the warmer months!”
-Kimber L.